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/SAPAPO/OM_LC_MEM_MONITOR - liveCache Memory Monitor Heap

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Shows the Heap-Memory-Usage of Livecache-Comroutines.

In the Headline it shows the actual Total Heap Usage. The other numbers are internal Values in Bytes of the OMS_MEMORY_USAGE-Table (R Reserved, O UsedByOmsMalloc, E EmergencyChunkSize)

The List shows the number of Bytes per Com-Routine allocated through malloc and released via free. The Livecache Monitor has to be activated in advance. The Fields have the following Meaning (OMSCASIZE Size of OmsCache for this Routine, MallocMin/Max/Avg are for the MemoryAllocation, FreeMin/Max/Avg are for the Release of the Memory). When no Transaction is running the Free-Value should be nearly the same as the Malloc-Values.

A Memory-Summary is available at the End of the List.

  • Button "Activate Livecache Monitor" starts the Collection of all Heap-Memory-Request/Releases (can have impact on Performance, not figures yet). This has to be done in advance, otherwise no figures are available
  • Button "DeActivate Livecache Monitor" stops the Collection of all Heap-Memory-Request/Releases. This has to be done after Monitoring the Heap to reduce unnecessary performance overhead in a productive System
  • Button "Refresh" refreshes the actual Memory-Statistics shown.




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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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