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This program creates new FI-CA document(s) with benefit types claimed to the authority. The benefit amount should be posted to the contract account of the authority responsible for these benefit types. The posting data are set as selection screen parameters of this report. The benefit details relevant data should be updated during posting granted benefits with use the FI-CA event's implementations.


IS-U localization for Russia.


The new FI-CA document will be created using BAPI_CTRACDOCUMENT_CREATE BAPI's interface.

The following DDIC objects should be enhanced according to IS-U RU localization project using /SAPCE/IURU_FKKOP structure which includes the specific benefits fields:

  • The DFKKOP transparent table;
  • The FKKOP structure;
  • The CI_BAPI_TE_DFKKOP customer include of the BAPI_TE_DFKKOP structure (see SAP Note 432468).

The benefits details data should be filled during a real IS-U invoicing run called. The status of the benefit reposting of benefit details data should be activated according to processing benefit items.


There are two possible modes of program execution according to IS-U country specific customizing data, IMG path as SAP Utilities \ Contract Billing \ Billing Master Data \ Benefits - Russia and Ukraine\ Setting for Billing Scheme \ Posting Parameters for Benefit Reimbursements :

  • The whole amount of benefit is claimed to the authority the customer payment should not be checked;
  • The relevant part of the benefit amount is claimed to the authority which based on the partial customer payment. The partial payment of customer should be processed with use the FI-CA events.


Standard Variants


The documents are displayed in a hierarchical list as follows:

  • The first list level contains the data from the FI-CA totals items according to new generated FI-CA documents.
  • The second list level displays the FI-CA document items that make up this totals record. By selecting a line, you can spring to the display of the FI-CA document.



The indicator Run in a test mode is used for testing creation of the new FI-CA document.

If you set the indicator Display created FI-CA document(s) , the document(s) itemization for Reconciliation Key are displayed in the list.

Fill RESBD Structure from EBP Component Structure   PERFORM Short Reference  
This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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