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/SAPSLL/CUSWLO_ADJUSTM_MONITOR - Process Inventory Differences

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You can use this report to display all goods movements that have been assigned to the "Inventory Difference" category in the feeder system.





Restrict the selection to material document data or foreign trade organization data.

Standard Variants


The result shows all the inventory differences that satisfy the selection conditions. These can be receipts as well as issues.


You can select the entries and continue processing them, either individually or as a group of multiple entries. You can only group the entries if the customs ID, the material, and the country of origin are the same.

If a quantity surplus is posted, a customs declaration is created and the corresponding quantity is declared for the customs warehouse.

If a quantity shortage is posted, a dialog box with two alternatives appears:

  • A customs process document is created and the quantity shortage is released for free circulation. The transaction is then visible in the periodic declaration.
  • A customs process document is created and the duty-unpaid quantity is then reduced. No trasnfer to free circulation takes place. If necessary, this transaction can be sent to the customs authorities by other than electronic means.

The second alternative is always chosen in background processing.


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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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