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/SAPSLL/INBOUND_LOG_MONITOR - Processes with Inbound Delivery Reference

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You use this monitor to search for goods movements that occur due to imports in logistics integration. It provides an overview of several different worklists:

  • Import worklist
  • Determination of customs status
  • Cancellation after release by authorities
  • Assigned logistics documents
  • Completed processes


You can navigate from this overview directly to the individual worklists. To do so, simply click the material document number or worklist category. Once you have performed the functions there, you return to the overview.




You can select by organizational data, vendor data, reference documents, product number, and/or customs ID. The creation date in the worklist is also available as a selection criterion. The following rules apply:

  • Today: All records that have todays date are selected
  • This week: All records from the last seven days (including today) are selected
  • Other date: You can specify any period or time in the adjacent "Date" interval. To enter data in these fields, you must select the "Other Date" radio button first. If the "Other Date" radio button is not selected, any data is ignored.

Standard Variants


The records that meet the selection criteria are displayed. The following information is available:

  • All information from the reference documents
  • Description of the worklist containing the record
  • Process status for the various process steps:
  • Customs Status: Indicates whether the customs status could be determined for the record

  • Customs Declaration: Indicates whether a customs declaration is needed and, if so, whether it has already been created

  • Periodic Declaration: Indicates whether this record is relevant for a periodic declaration and, if so, if it is already contained in it

,,The following symbols are used in all these status displays:
,,@01@,,The process step has been completed successfully
,,@02@,,The process step has not been executed yet and is required
,,@BZ@,,The process step is not necessary, or its necessity could not be determined
,,@F9@,,A partial quantity declaration has been submitted
  • Number of the customs declaration
  • Number of the periodic declaration
  • Customs ID
  • Product name and description,,



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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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