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/SCWM/R_NODE_EDGE_GENERATION - Generating Storage-Type-Specific Networks

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You can use the program Generating Storage-Type-Specific Networks to generate storage-type-specific networks for the travel distance calculation in EWM automatically. You can set up networks for:

  • Aisles only
  • Aisles and their connecting edges


In the travel distance calculation, you calculate the distance in the warehouse that is covered when executing warehouse orders.

The travel distance can run between two points along defined edges of a network. If you have defined a network without any gaps, you can calculate the optimum travel distance from every point in the network to every other point.

You can split up the network of a complete warehouse into:

  • Storage-type-specific partial networks that correspond to individual storage types
  • A global network that connects storage-type-specific network to each other. You create global networks in the travel distance calculation under Settings for the Travel Distance Calculation.

A storage-type-specific network is made up of:

  • Edges that correspond to the aisle of a storage type
  • Edges that connect these aisle to each other


  • You have correctly maintained X and Y coordinates for the storage bins
  • You have assigned all storage bins in the storage type to an aisle in this storage type


  • The program uses the coordinates of the storage bins of each aisle to generate an edge that is assigned to that particular aisle.
  • Optionally, the program can generate connecting edges between neighboring aisles by connecting the start points and end points of two neighboring aisles with an edge for each.


Select the storage types for which you want to generate storage-type-specific networks. If you do not want to generate the connecting edges of two neighboring aisles automatically, set the indicator Aisle Edges Only.

Standard Variants


A log for the edge generation is output.



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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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