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/STTPEC/INTEGRATE_MAT - SAP ATTP Integration Report for Material Master

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You use this report to integrate materials to the SAP Advanced Track and Trace for Pharmaceuticals repository system.



You must set material master to 'serialized', and the corresponding alternative units of measure must be made relevant for the repository.



  • Full Update:
A full update sends all materials that are set as serialized (serialization-relevant materials) to the repository system. The update indicator is determined based on an internal status that specifies whether a material had been integrated before or not.
The option Not New lets you exclude the materials that have not yet been integrated. In that case, only materials that are already integrated are updated with the latest data.
  • Delta Update:
A delta update sends only serialization-relevant materials where serialization-relevant attributes have been changed since the last integration update. Apart from some predefined attributes, other attributes that are considered relevant can be customized.
The option Newlets you select only those materials that are relevant but not yet integrated. In that case materials that are not yet integrated are transferred with their latest data.
The option Changedlets you select only those materials that are relevant, and have been integrated before. In that case, changed materials are transferred with their latest data.
You can combine these two options.
  • Material Number:
You can limit the transfer to specific material numbers or number patterns, ranges, and so on, based on the selection option for material numbers. This criterion is applied in combination with the options mentioned previously.
  • Options for Automated Enrichment and Activation of Trade Items and Serial Number Entities:
The option Assign/Create Range Definitionlets you determine the serialization profile of the trade item. Also range definition is created and assigned to the trade item, in case of it wasn't done before.
The option Activate Trade Item lets you automatically activate trade items in case they were not activated before.
The option Generate Rangesis available only if options Activate Trade Item and Assign/Create Range Definitionare selected. It is effective only if the range definition wasn't created before. This option lets you activate the range definition that is created within the same report execution. It also allows you to create and activate initial range and to create serial numbers if the range type is serial number managed.
  • Processing Options:
Package size is always used to group materials into packages that can then be processed. This allows you to keep the data volume transferred with one call smaller and thus improve performance and memory consumption. This in combination with parallel processing can accelerate the data transfer substantially.
When using parallel processing, activate the additional processing parameters that are relevant for parallel processing.
The log level lets you specify the detail level of messages that are logged. In high volume scenarios, you should ideally use a lower log level.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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