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This report retrieves all local files in the layered repository that expose the specified target URI as external reference of type CHANGE (local files are all files assigned to a package starting with the character '$' (like $TMP)). The listed files can then be deleted by pressing the icon 'Delete displayed entries' or SHIFT+F2.


  • Files of layer type USER are listed for all users - not only those created for the logon user

  • All files listed are deleted - you cannot select a subset for deletion

  • Only local files can be deleted using this report - files assigned to packages which require recording of the change in a transport request must be deleted by other means

  • It can be specified that also files assigned to no package are part of the set of files to be deleted





In the field 'Target Uri' you can specify the target URI for which the files shall be listed. You can search for a pattern using the wildcard character '*'. If you do not specify anything in the field 'Target Uri' all local files are returned which expose an external reference of type CHANGE. The listed result can be further filtered by specifying the author of the files in field 'Author', its type (field 'File type') and/or by checking/unchecking the layer types for that files shall be listed. If files that are not assigned to a package shall be part of the set of files to be deleted the checkbox 'Files with no package' has to be checked.

Standard Variants


On the list screen all files fitting to the selection are displayed.

To delete the listed files you can press the icon 'Delete displayed entries' or SHIFT+F2.

You cannot further limit the set of files to be deleted by selecting a subset of files on the list screen. If you press the 'Delete displayed entries' icon all listed files are deleted. If you want to limit the list you have to refine your input on the selection screen.



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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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