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Include is available from Release 4.0A to simplify the integration of hyperlinks and index information for attribute searches in print lists.

simplifies the typical application of print list indexing and print list attributes as it does not include all possibilities but only those normally used.

In dialog processing, hyperlinks, for example, can be implemented in list output. Print controls no longer have to be explicitly included in the respective reports. The include contains macros which control the individual work steps for the hyperlinks and indexing.

Macro ParameterDescription  Record type
oa_data initialization
oa_init prolog  DPRL
oa_use_line_selection formatting the hide
  calling this macro
  is optional
oa_def_index description of index construction DKEY
  lengthcalling this macro
  is optional
oa_index dataindex information DAIN
  calling this macro
  is optional
oa_open_hyperlink SAP objectstart of hyperlink DARC
  objectcalling this macro
  keyis optional
oa_close_hyperlink SAP objectend of hyperlink DARC
  objectcalling this macro
  keyis optional
oa_start_selection SAP objectdissection of print DARA
  objectlist into different
  documentcalling this macro
  class ofis optional
oa_finish epilog  DEPL
oa_line_selection hyperlink information
  and display
  calling this macro
  is optional


  • Insert include into your report.
  • oa_data
This macro is used to initialize the include.


  • oa_init
This macro creates the prolog to be exported. oa_init is typically after the ABAP statement start-of-selection (first statement in the report after the data declaration).
  • oa_finish
The epilog which is to be exported is created by this macro.

Attribute search

  • Parameter declaration and structure definition
If the attribute search is to be used, local variables must be defined. These could be, for example, customer number and document number.
In addition, an index structure can be defined for the attribute search. For example, you can specify that searches can be executed for an SAP object, the document type of the archived document and a reserve parameter.
The parameter declaration is a precondition for oa_def_index.
  • oa_def_index
This macro defines the construction of the index for attribute searching within an archived print list.
The name and length of the elements which make up the index are defined. These elements must correspond in size and sequence to the structure defined at the beginning.
  • oa_index
When searching for attributes, it is only possible to search for defined points in the print list. If the attribute information changes during loop passes, this macro makes the new attribute content known, i.e. the new content is exported.


  • oa_use_line_selection
This macro prepares the hide definition for the line selection. Hyperlinks can therefore be implemented in the interactive list which can then be evaluated using oa_line_selection.
This macro is a precondition for oa_line_selection.
  • oa_line_selection
This macro checks whether hyperlink information is to be found in the current line and whether the cursor is positioned on the hyperlink. If this is the case, the archived document is displayed in the viewer. If several archived documents belong to the SAP object, the list output is displayed, from where you can select an archived document by double-clicking and display the document via the viewer icon.
This macro is used for test purposes only.
  • oa_open_hyperlink/oa_close_hyperlink
These macros construct the print controls "HYP>>" und "HYP<<" for hyperlinks from archived printlists to archived documents. (precondition: archived documents exist for the SAP object).
SAP objects and objekt keys which are to be referenced by the hyperlink are also defined. A text which is visible as a hyperlink is also exported.


  • oa_start_selection
This macro splits the print list into various sublists. The individual sublists are stored separately and linked with different SAP objects. SAP object, object key, document type for the archived document and note are transferred as parameters.




rdisp/max_wprun_time - Maximum work process run time   BAL Application Log Documentation  
This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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