EXAMPLE_PNP_GET_PAYROLL - Example Program for Reading Payroll Results Using GET PAYROLL

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Sample Program for Using the Logical Database PNP to Evaluate Payroll Results (EXAMPLE_PNP_GET_PAYROLL).


This report evaluates payroll results made available by the logical database PNP. The logical database PNP reads the transparent tables HRPY_RGDIR and HRPY_WPBP. To evaluate old payroll results from Releases before 4.6A, you can fill the tables with the report H99U_RGDIR_WPBP.

For more information, see the release note Logical Database for Payroll Results.



The report must have the following attributes:

  • Logical database: PNP
  • Selection screen version: 900 Selection screen for the payroll results
  • HR Report Class for Payroll PY_DEF or a customer report class. Select the Payroll Report Class function.


Use Organizational Structure to select the organizational unit to be evaluated. In the Period groups, you can delimit the period to be evaluated. If you select the field Apply CD evaluations to in-periods, the current parameter (A, P, O) will only be taken into consideration, after the CD_Evaluation_Periods module has selected the payroll results. In the Selection group, you can delimit the employee subgroup to be evaluated.

The complex PAYROLL structure is filled out at the time of GET PAYROLL. The current PAYROLL structure is declared in the program. The structures take on the form payxx_result (xx stands for the country abbreviation, for example, DE = Deutschland).

Be aware that this will only be triggered for personnel numbers with a payroll result in the respective xx cluster at the time of GET PAYROLL. The structure pay99_result is an exception and only contains the part of the structure that applies internationally. If the PAYROLL node with pay99_result is declared, the international part is read for all payroll results and processed in GET PAYROLL.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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