RFTXM320 - Generate MT320 SWIFT Files

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You use report program RFTXM320 to generate SWIFT MT320 confirmation messages for money market transactions. It checks whether a SWIFT confirmation is planned for the respective product/transaction type. After a file is generated, the transaction's confirmation status is set to 'executed'.

The selection screen allows you to limit the number of transactions to be confirmed. To generate files, enter the execution date and an ID. The 'Collective file' field generates a file with the respective transactions for each business partner. If you do not select this indicator, a file is generated for each transaction.

You can repeat the file generation in two separate steps:

  1. Select one or several historical SWIFT correspondence items from the Correspondence monitor. Using the repeat function, you can then generate new correspondence planned records.
  2. On the basis of the correspondence planned records generated in 1), you can repeat the file generation.


Once the data medium has been generated, the report program displays an error/success log, which you can print. Using a pushbutton, you can branch to data medium administration function, from where you can load the files generated to an external storage medium.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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