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/PM0/ABC_IBC_CLEANUP_ATTR_CD - IFBC Import: Automatic Cleanup of Attributes

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Influences how the in-force-business-controlling attributes that already exist in In-Force Business Configurator (IFBC) are handled during the import.

You can make one of the following settings:

  • Only Check Consistency with ATTR Structure
This is the minimum check that the system executes during the IFBC import.
For each product template, the system checks whether an attribute that already exists in In-Force Business Configurator also exists in the associated attribute structure (for instance /PM0_ATTR_POLICY_S for templates at policy or sales product level. Then the system only deletes the attributes in In-Force Business Configurator that do not exist in the attribute structure. The attributes are deleted regardless of whether an import lock is set or not.
  • Delete All Attributes Before Import
If you choose this setting, in addition to the above setting, Only Check Consistency with ATTR Structure, the system executes the following: Before the first import of an attribute, the system deletes all existing attributes of the product template that do not have an import lock.
This ensures that attributes that are no longer supplied by the product engine will also be deleted from In-Force Business Configurator. If you do not want to delete the attributes, you must set an import lock for these attributes.

SAP recommends choosing the setting Delete All Attributes Before Import.


To add a new in-force-business-controlling attribute, proceed as follows:

  1. Add the new attribute to the attribute structure to which the entity belongs.
  2. Import the new attribute to In-Force Business Configurator.


The setting in this field can depend on the product engine that is used.

  • If you use msg.PMQ as the product engine:
Contrary to the above recommendation, the usual setting is Only Check Consistency with ATTR Structure.
  • If you use SAP Product Lifecycle Management (FS-PRO) as the product engine:
The usual setting is Delete All Attributes Before Import.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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