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/PM0/ABD_IBC_DTCT_BOOL_BY_SUFF - IFBC Import: Recognize Boolean Errors Based on Suffix FG

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Determines, during the IFBC import, how the system recognizes whether a characteristic is a Boolean field.

  • Based on the underlying domain of the characteristic:
The indicator is not set.
  • Based on the name of a characteristic:
The indicator is set.

The standard setting is that the Boolean data type is recognized by the domain. In other words, if /PM0/ABD_YESNO_FG is the underlying domain of the characteristic, it is a Boolean field; if the underlying domain is a different one, then it is not a Boolean field. However, this assumes that the entities are always enhanced with domain /PM0/ABD_YESNO_FG.

If this is not the case, you can also determine that the IFBC import recognizes whether it is a Boolean field or not on the basis of the characteristic name. The system then checks whether the characteristic name has the suffix <technical name>_FG. According to the naming convention, fields that end in _FG are Boolean fields. The field is only interpreted as a Boolean field if the characteristic has the suffix _FG.



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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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