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The component combines several attributes of an order document under one topic.

A distinction is made between core components and extensions.

  • The core components map the header, item, and if necesary, the schedule lines of an order document (1HDR, 2IT2, 2IT3, 4SDL). They are the same for all order data types and contain the attributes that form part of most order document types.
  • The extensions are used to store additional attributes for the header, item, or schedule line which are not supported or needed by all order document types.
    You can assign an extension in the order data type, to a hierarchy level or a core component (header, item, schedule line).
    You can only use a component once within the order data type. If you need to use the same attributes on several hierarchy levels, then you must create several components that have the same structure.
  • When specifying the partner, use the components 1PRT(header) or 2PRT (item).

  • When specifying the date/time or the date/time interval, use the components 1TST (header), 2TST (item) or 4TST (schedule line).


The data of the order documents is exchanged between the application and order document management (ODM) component for component.

An order data type is made up of several components.
Depending on their use and on their assigned hierarchy level (header, item, schedule line and component reference type), components must meet certain requirements.

The structuredescribes the attributes of the components.



The technical name of components may only consist of letters and numbers for you to use it in table names and structure names.

For performance reasons, make sure that you do not make the topic of the extension too specific.


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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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