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FKBER - Functional Area

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Structure criterion for an enterprise or government based on functional aspects.

Use for Cost-of-Sales Accounting

The functional area is required to create a profit and loss account in Financial Accounting using cost-of-sales accounting. The following are examples of structure criteria:

  • Manufacturing
  • Administration
  • Sales
  • Research and development

Use for Government

The functional area is needed for Funds Management to meet legal requirements for reporting with functional aspects. You can use the functional area to represent the global targets and goals (such as public safety or city development), in particular the expenses of your organization.

  • Use in cost-of-sales accounting

    See the documentation on Filling the Functional Area Field.
    For comprehensive information on cost-of-sales accounting and on the functional area, see the SAP Library under Accounting -> Financial Accounting -> General Ledger -> Cost-of-Sales Accounting.
  • Use in government

    For more information on the functional area, see the implementation Guide for Funds Management Government in the section Activate Account Assignment Elements.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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