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/AIN/CL_DEV_REGISTER_DO - Register Action Activity

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This activity creates the observation records for the EPCs contained in the context structure. Observation records consist of Action and Action Objects. One Action record is created per container EPC. One Action object record is created for each container and case EPC. The input for this activity is EPC records contained in the context structure. EPC records in the context structure are updated with the Action and Object identifiers (GUIDs).

This activity has the following parameters:

  • MATCH_PERCENTAGE: User can include this parameter in the activity and specify a numeric value between 0-100. If (for example, during the Loading operation) the percentage of loaded cases + loaded containers exceeds the value of this parameter, the remaining cases and containers are also recorded as loaded. For all such cases and containers, the action object status is set to Automatically Confirmed.
  • MATCH_CONTAINER: If this parameter is included in the activity and (for example, during loading ), the container is recorded and all the remaining cases for this container are also recorded. For all such cases, the action object status is set to Automatically Confirmed.
  • MATCH_SAME_LEVEL: If this parameter is included in the activity and an EPC (for example, case C1), which is currently associated with a specific container (or example, pallet P1) is recorded, all EPCs (cases C2, C3) associated with the same container will also be recorded with action object status Automatically Confirmed. In addition, if the container of C1 gets changed during this transaction, C2 and C3 are also associated with the new container.
  • ACTION_OBJECT_STATUS: The value of this parameter sets a specific action object status. This parameter is only recommended in special cases, since the it overwrites the standard action object status which is determined automatically by the activities. The only supported value for this parameter is MCfor Manually Confirmed.
  • REMOVE_HIERARCHY: If this parameter is included in the activity, all associations of recorded EPCs (case C1) with containers (pallet P1) will be deleted.


An activity to populate the activity context has to be executed before this one. This is usually the validateactivity.



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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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