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/AIN/CL_DEV_UPDATE_DOCUMENT - Update Document Activity

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This activity class updates the document based on the information in the activity context. The activity context usually contains observations from RFID scanning devices.

The following document parts are updated:

  • document status ('in process', 'completed')
  • actual quantity in document item
  • execution time in document object

Activity parameters:

  • NO_OVERPACKING/OVERLOADING: Stop the rule execution if an object ID is scanned which is not expected as document item or document object or if the document item quanity is exceeded
  • STATUS_BY_DOC_OBJECT: Update the document status based on fullfillment of expected document objects
  • UNDO: Reset the updated document fields (see above) to the value before the scanning of the object ID in the activity context


At least an activity for populating the EPC context has to be called before. Usually this is the validate activity.



Further information

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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