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/BOFU/CL_ARCHIVE_READ_PLUGIN - Read From Archive Plug-In

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Plug-in Used to Read from the Archive

You can use the /BOFU/ARCIVE_READ_PLUGIN class to read archived instances from the archive. It makes use of the Transaction Service Manager plug-in interface.

This class supports the following functionalities:

  • Registers the archiving class: The /BOFU/ARCIVE_READ_PLUGIN class registers the archiving class through the /BOFU/CL_ARCH_GENER class.
  • GET_RFA: This class makes use of the /BOFU/CL_ARCH_GENER class to read from the archive instance. Through this instance, the archive info structures provided for the archiving object can be obtained.
  • PRE_RETRIEVE: This method is called before returning the results for the retrieval of a node. It does not access the BO layer but reads the data from the archive by calling the RFA_RETRIEVE1 method. It sets the necessary flags to indicate that the query to the BO layer is skipped after the retrieval stage.
  • POST_CONVERT_ALTERN_KEY: This method is called when BOPF runtime does not find the alternate key in the database. It calls the RFA_CONVERT_ALTERN_KEY method on the RFA instance.
  • If it is a retrieve by alternate key scenario, the RFA_RETRIEVE_ALTKEY1 method is called. It calls the RFA_RETRIEVE_ALTKEY1_INTinternal method. If the node to be read is a ROOTnode, it tries to read the BO instance from the archive.

  • In the case of a non-GUID alternate key, the RFA_CONVERT_ALTERN_KEY1_WAS method (with Archive Information System (AIS)) is called.

If there is a target alternate key as well; for example, two alternate keys might exist on the same node and querying by one of them might return the other, the RFA_RETRIEVE_ALTKEY1 method is called once again on the target key.

To activate this functionality, perform the following steps:

  1. Create the required AIS details for the archiving object that corresponds to each BO. Include details about the archive file and the offset of the object along with other details mentioned in the archive administration tab of AOBJ and SARA transactions.
  2. Wherever you are required to read the data from the archive file, create an object for this class and call the corresponding methods.




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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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