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/BOFU/CL_ARCH_GENER - Generic Archiving Facade

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Generic Archive Adapter Class

This class is a generic archiving facade used to archive the BOPF BO instances. This class is designed to access the BOPF BO for which data has to be archived. It also calls the various archiving engine-related function modules to archive the data retrieved from the BOPF BO.

This class supports the following functionalities:

  • Write Logic: This method writes the data into the archive file using the archiving engine-related function modules such as ARCHIVE_PROTOCOL_INIT. This method is not used to write the combined structure format as it has been upgraded in the WRITE1method of the /BOFU/CL_ARCH_GENER1 class.
  • Preproc Logic: This method preprocesses the instances to be archived to check if they can be archived or not.
  • Delete Logic: This deletes the data from the database table after it is archived. You can also do this by using the DELETEfunction modules provided by the archiving engine.
  • Time Stamp conversion: The system converts the time stamp into date and time.

To activate this functionality, perform the following steps:

  1. Create an archiving object for the BOPF BO whose data has to be archived.
  2. Create Write, Preprocess, and Delete programs for the archiving object that was created.
  3. In each of these programs, make a call to the corresponding method through the /BOFU/CL_ARCH_GENER class.




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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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