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/BOFU/CL_LIB_D_ADMIN_DATA - Initialize Admin Data: incl. influence of parent by child

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Provide Administrative information to the BO nodes


After changing or creating new Business Object instance, it requires to check when and by whom the instance got updated/created. Determination class /BOFU/CL_LIB_D_ADMIN_DATA provides adiminstrative information for changed/created instance.

The determination is triggered during save. Starting from determination node it checks for updated/created nodes and

provide the administrative information in the structure.

This also checks whether the child is created/updated/deleted then it update the parent accordingly.


The node which requires Administrative information includes structure /BOFU/S_ADMIN_DATA

in the node structure. Determination which uses class /BOFU/CL_LIB_D_ADMIN_DATA is provided with the property "during save".


This determination class is used in the Business Object /BOFU/ADMIN_DATA_CHECK and other Business Objects like /BOFU/TEST_CUSTOMER, Root node - Determination- SET_ADMIN_DATA.

Further information

,,Details of class /BOFU/CL_LIB_D_ADMIN_DATA

Structure - /BOFU/S_ADMIN_DATA

,,,,-Created by

,,,,-Created on

,,,,-Changed by

,,,,-Changed on

Interface - Determination - /BOBF/IF_FRW_DETERMINATION

Methods - EXECUTE - To execute the determination,

,, GET_ADMIN_DATA_FIELDS - To get the Admin Data fields,,

,, ADD_PARENT_CHANGES - To check the updated/created/deleted children and to get the parent key with ,,,,,,,,,,,,changes.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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