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The Class /IWBEP/CL_SBMC_MPC_GENERATORclass generates the Model Provider Class. The MPC code generator will read/visit the domain model for the model node type and generate the corresponding MPC. The entry point for the MPC generation is from the SAP Gateway Service Builder.

  1. When the content developer selects the domain model for which MPC has to be generated, the ACCEPT_VISITOR method of the model interface would be instantiated with the reference of the MPC visitor class /IWBEP/CL_SBMC_GEN_MPC.
  2. The GENERATE method in turn would invoke the protected method ADAPT_MODEL which would adapt the domain model reference to internal table types.
  3. The GENERATE method then would invoke the private method VALIDATE to perform OData standard validations before actually generating the MPC classes.
  4. Once the validation is successful, the GENERATE method would invoke the private method GENERATE_MPC which would generate two classes ZCL_MPC & ZCL_MPC_BS.

The class names are decided by user inputs from service builder, the user input in this case is assumed to be ZCL_MPC. The base class name will be suffixed with "_BS" to the MPC class name passed from service builder.

The GENERATE_MPC method will use the code template /IWBEP/I_SBMC_MPC_GEN to generate the MPC classes for all the OData artifacts. The place holders in the code template will be filled with the model details populated in the internal table attributes of the class.


MethodGenerateGenerates MPC
Implemented Class/IWBEP/CL_SBMC_MPC_GENERATORService Builder MPC Generator


IO_PROJECTImportingThe selected Domain model-project from the SB for which the MPC has to be generated is imported
IV_MPC_BASE_NAMEImportingImports the MPC Base Class. We recommend not to modify this Class
IV_MPC_SEC_NAMEImportingImports MPC Secondary Class. This Class can be modified by the user.
IV_PACKAGEImportingImports the name of the package
IV_TRANSPORTImportingImports the transport request number
IV_OVERWRITE_BASEImportingImport s the changes made to the MPC Base Class
IV_OVERWRITE_ALLImportingImports the changes made to both all the Classes
ET_MESSAGESExportingExports any messages
ET_GENERATED_ARTIFACTSExportingExports the generated artifacts after the MPC generation
ET_TYPE_DETAILSExportingExports the generated Entity Type details



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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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