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Unit of Measure (UOM) conversion is based on booking unit, content component, and design type. There is also a need to maintain the source unit of measure and the target unit of measure for conversion. The access sequence is as shown below:

Booking Unit, Content Component and Design Type

Booking Unit and Content Component

Booking Unit

It will be maintained in the Easy Access Menu path: Logistics --> Advertising Management --> Master data --> Conditions --> Order/Billing Document --> NAE Unit Conversion

The conversion logic is as shown below:

For the Search Unit (Target UOM ), if the standard functionality in function module ISP_UNIT_CONVERSION is not able to compute the converted value, then the new functionality needs to be called.

-- For the Target UOM and the Source UOM, conversion factor (Numerator and Denominator) needs to be retrieved from the custom table.

-- If the entered UOM can be converted into any of the Source UOM retrieved from the custom table (refer the step above), then the converted value is multiplied by the Numerator and divided by the Denominator to compute the value in the Search Unit (Target UOM).



The entered planned ad size is 2 CO X 70 HLN and the Target UOM is in CIN for pricing.

For the Target UOM as CIN, assume the following entries are maintained in the custom table:

Source UOM,,Numerator ,,Denominator,,


Direct calculation: Not possible to calculate CO x HLN --> CIN directly

Calculation performed via Source UOM:

It needs to be checked if 2 CO X 70 HLN can be converted to LN or not. With the new calculation (1 CO X 1 HLN = 1 LN), it is possible to calculate the value in LN. The value obtained is 140 LN.

Next, the value in LN needs to be divided by 14 (numerator from the custom table) and multiplied by 1 (denominator from the custom table) to get the converted value in CIN, which is 10 CIN.

Ad Size in Target UOM = Ad Size in Source UOM X (Numerator / Denominator).

In this example, Source UOM is LN and Target UOM is CIN.


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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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