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/PM0/CL_3F_DA_CHR - Generic Access to Tables

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The database access service provides a simple means of reading data from Customizing tables.

You must not change the tables during runtime as the service is completely cached.

GET,,,,= loads a single record.

GET_TEXT,,= loads a single record from a text table, during which the language field is automatically filled.

GET_TABLE,,= reads several data records in an internal table.

IA_KEY is a structure that is used as a selection filter. Here, is included every non-initial entry is included in the system prompt as an "is equal condition" field. If you set IF_IGNORE_INITIAL to ABAP_FALSE then all fields are used. Any structure may be used, provided all observed fields exist in the database table and are compatible with the category. When initial entries are taken into consideration, you should use the key structure.


ls_node_key-application = mv_appl.

ls_node_key-model_id = iv_model_id.



iv_tabname,,= gc_ctrlnodes

ia_key ,,= ls_node_key


ea_table,,= lt_nodes


ls_key-application = /PM0/CL_3ft_registry=>gn_appl_name.

ls_key-model_id = iv_model_id.

CALL METHOD mr_da_chr->get


iv_tabname,,= gc_model

ia_key,,= ls_key


ea_line,,= ls_entry.

CALL METHOD mr_da_chr->get_text


iv_tabname,,= gc_modelt

ia_key,,= ls_key


ea_line,,= ls_entryt.


To save resources, you should not use the service for tables storing larger quantities of data.

In the case of get_table, the table should, if possible, always be accessed using the same keys, as in borderline cases the data records in the database are loaded completely for each key.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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