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/PM0/CL_3F_DA_CHR_MOCK001 - Mock-Object: Cached Read Only Access to Tables

CL_GUI_FRONTEND_SERVICES - Frontend Services   PERFORM Short Reference  
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The database access service allows you to easily read data from Customizing tables.

The tables must no be changed during runtime, as the service is cached completely.

GET,,,,loads an individual record.

GET_TEXT,,loads an individual record from a text table, filling the language field automatically.

GET_TABLE,,reads more than one data records to an internal table

IA_KEY is a structure that services as a selection filter. Each entry that is not blank is included in the query as a field equals condition. If you set IF_IGNORE_INITIAL to ABAP_FALSE, all fields are used. All structures are permissible as long as all fields exist in the database table and are compatible. If blank entries are to be included, you need to use the key structure.



ls_node_key-application = mv_appl.

ls_node_key-model_id = iv_model_id.



iv_tabname,,= gc_ctrlnodes

ia_key ,,= ls_node_key


ea_table,,= lt_nodes


ls_key-application = /PM0/CL_3ft_registry=>gn_appl_name.

ls_key-model_id = iv_model_id.

CALL METHOD mr_da_chr->get


iv_tabname,,= gc_model

ia_key,,= ls_key


ea_line,,= ls_entry.

CALL METHOD mr_da_chr->get_text


iv_tabname,,= gc_modelt

ia_key,,= ls_key


ea_line,,= ls_entryt.


To save resources, do not use the service for tables that contain large amounts of data.

For get_table you should always access the data using the same key quantity. This is because, in borderline cases, the data records for the database are loaded completely for each key quantity.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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