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/PM0/CL_EXM_IM_ABT_SVC_PRODCHG - Sample Implementation for BAdI Execute Product Change

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This class provides customers and partners with an example of how to reuse the data transfer functions that are already provided in other BAdI implementations in your own implementation of the BAdI, and how to integrate them in the remote-enabled function modules (RFMs) for the Product Change. We recommend that you reuse the example. The process flow implemented in this sample class is explained in general terms below.

During the initialization of the Product Change business transaction, the input data of the RFM /PM0/ABT_SVC_PRODCHG (both the data of the standard functions as well as the data delivered by customers through the ExtensionIn structure) is written to the data container (method SET_DATA). After positioning or resumption of processing of the change request, the data of the source contract together with the data of changed entities is written to the data container (method NOTIFY_AFTER_POSITIONING). This method performs the actual data transfer.

During execution of the business transaction, a mapping method is called for each entity of the contract. In these methods (MAP_<ENTITY>), the field modifier structures are set in such a way that the system only persists the permitted attributes to the database tables. The permitted attributes represent the fields that are also ready for input during execution of the Product Change in dialog mode through the SAP GUI. Since, on execution of the Product Change, the source contract is always settled, all of the entities of the target contract are always added. None of them are changed or deleted. Consequently only the ADD tables (both for the data as well as for the field modifiers) are returned in the result of the mapping methods.




This class provides a sample implementation of the Business Add-In BAdI: Execute Product Change (Extension In/Out) (/PM0/ABT_SVC_PRODCHG_BADI). It was validated on the basis of some selected products of the sample content of the standard delivery, and it is not intended for direct use in customer projects. If you want to use this class for your own implementation of the BAdI, you can copy it. Your implementation should also not inherit from this class or delegate to its methods, since it only maps some restricted scenarios.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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