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/SAPPSSRM/CL_CALL_OFF_NUMBER - PIIN: Call offs of Contracts in SPIIN-Number

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This class is used for determining the (alphanumeric) serial number of call-offs or changes respectively within a smart number.



The method asks for the status of database table /SAPPSSRM/COUNTR, which stores information on call-offs and changes. It requires that some data, such as the numbering process (data element /SAPPSSRM/_NUMPROC), organizational ID (/SAPPSSRM_ORGID), office type (/SAPPSSRM/_OFCTYP), order code (/SAPPSSRM/_ORCOD) is taken from an interface and transferred to the properties of the document (/SAPPSSRM/IF_NUMBER_ADAPTER, methods GET_PROCESS, GET_PROPERTY). The numbering varies, depending on the numbering process and other attributes of the document.

You assign and maintain serial numbering rules in the second node of the IMG activity Maintain Smart Numbering Scheme.

,,Process: call-off

If there is a call-off, the serial number of the call-off to the contract in question supplements the PIIN of the contract.
  • The call-off number is a four-digit alphanumeric serial number, which is issued by the same office that issued the contract. For this serial numbering, rule R1 applies: 0001 - 9999, 000A - 999A, 00AA - 00ZZ. The first two lines of the rule are reserved for internal numbering only.

  • For call-offs issued by a different office, the call-off number consists of the two-digit order code of the issuing office and a two-digit alphanumeric serial number. For this serial numbering rule R2 applies: 01 - 99, AA - ZZ. The second line of the rule is reserved for internal numbering only.

,,Process: call-off change

If there are changes to call-offs, a two-digit modification number supplements the SPIIN call-off.
  • Changes issued by purchasing offices are counted according to rule R5: 01 - 99, B1 - B9, BA - BZ, C1 - Z9.

  • Changes issued by the adminstration office are counted according to rule R6: 1A - 9B, AA - AZ.

,,Processes: contract or PO change

If there are changes to contracts or standalone purchase orders, a modification SPIIN supplements the contract's or PO's PIIN. The first digit of the supplement is the office type "A" (administration office) or "P" (purchasing office). The second and following four digits again depend on the process involved:
  • For contracts, the second digit depends on the type of change. If you add or change shipping instructions on the header level, rule R7 counts from T0001 - T9999, TA001 - TZ999, and so on, up to YZ999. The first six lines are reserved for internal numbering only.
    If shipping instructions are provided on the header level and the contract's total value changes, rule R8 applies, counting up S0001 - S9999, SA001 - SZ999. The first line is reserved for internal numbering only. You can also add shipping instructions, as well as make price or value changes, at the item level. There is no automatic numbering provided for these changes. This means that you have to provide SPIINs for these changes manually. If the purchasing group that is assigned to the document is changed on header level, rule R4 applies, counting down from ARZ999 to ARZ001. For other changes, rule R3 applies, counting from 00001 - 99999, A0001 - R9999, AA001 - JZ999, RA001 - RZ999.

  • For POs, rule R3 applies in any case, counting from 00001 - 99999, A0001 - R9999, AA001 - JZ999, RA001 - RZ999.


This method gets a specific order code from the table of order codes as assigned to the purchasing group issuing the current change or call-off of the document.

All other methods provided in this class are inherited from the abstract superclass /SAPPSSRM/CL_SIMPLE_ABSTR. Please refer to the documentation of this class.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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