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/SAPSLL/CL_CORE_DATE_INTACT - SLL: Date-Dependent Tables - User IA

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Class /sapsll/cl_core_date_intact helps simplify the handling of records from date-dependent tables.

It has an impact on application data with

  • Time intervals
  • Disjunctive entries for key combinations
  • Maximum of 9 key fields + date
  • Valid-to date as key field, valid-from date in data part

This reusable function ensures that

  • No overlapping entries exist in the database or are created
  • When old and new records are compared, the new records always have priority
  • Old entries can be modified or deleted as necessary
  • The following consistency checks can be performed:
  1. Inbound/outbound data: ,,Does the validity start date lie before the end date?
  2. Inbound data: ,,,,,,Is the date format valid?
  • A log is output
  • Entries are aggregated in case of
  1. Identical key combination
  2. Identical data part
  3. Directly adjacent
  4. Constructors:
  • Name of the table to process

  • Field name of the client field in the table

  • Field name of the date field in the key

  • Field name of the "Valid-from" date




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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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