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/SCMTMS/CL_GENERIC_BUFFER - Helper class for generic fast table access

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This class is used to buffer any table and maintain any access key to the buffered data at runtime.

There exist 3 methods which enable this:

Write the content of any table into the buffer and simultaniously build up an access tree with the given key information.

Read data from the buffer of any table, that has been stored with WRITE_BUFFER with an arbitrary key at runtime.

Delete data from a buffer. This may be the whole buffer (i.e. all buffered tables), one buffered table or one or more records from a buffered table.




Further information

There exist 2 class tables which store the whole buffered data.

This table contains the all buffered tables. Every record in this table contains the structure name of the buffered table and a link to the data of the table.

This table contains the all access trees to the buffered data. Every record in this table contains the structure name of the buffered table, a key number, the key segments related to the key number and a sorted table with records of concatenated data fields according to the given key segments and the corresponding pointers to the data record.

With this data model it is possible to have always an O(logn) access to a data record with any at runtime defined access key.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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