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/SCWM/CL_EI_CORE_POST_CANC_WT - Cancellation of Inactive Warehouse Tasks (Status Waiting)

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You can use class /SCWM/IF_EX_CORE_CO_POST~POST to cancel inactive warehouse tasks (status B Waiting) related to canceled active warehouse tasks for the same handling unit (HU) that point to an intermediate storage bin or work center.

To achieve this, the class collects the data of canceled warehouse tasks. Based on this data, the class runs a query to check whether additional inactive warehouse tasks (to the final destination bin) exist for the source HUs. If there are inactive warehouse tasks, the class triggers the cancellation of these warehouse tasks.

The cancellation is performed using an asynchronous call of function module /SCWM/TO_CANCEL.


There is no technical link between the warehouse tasks. There is only a logical connection based on the HU identification.


You define a pick point as the intermediate storage bin in the outbound process. You bring a HU to the intermediate pick point. You pick the product and add it to the HU, which you then bring to the staging area.

The system creates two warehouse tasks: one active warehouse task for the pick point and one inactive (waiting) warehouse task for the staging area. You cancel the active warehouse task and the system cancels the inactive warehouse task.


When the inactive warehouse task is canceled, the details of the final destination bin for the inactive warehouse task are deleted.

Further information

BAdI example implementation /SCWM/EI_CORE_POST_CANC_WT as described in BAdI: Posting of Confirmed Warehouse Tasks (/SCWM/EX_CORE_CO_POST)

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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