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/SRMSMC/CL_A_SES_CALC_INCR - BO Supplier Evaluation Scorecard (SES)

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This class incrementally adds the scores of the responses provided by instances of node SRS_QUEUE to the question scores in the evaluation scorecard. Then, scores of sections and questionnaires and the total score are recalculated subsequently on the basis of the new question scores.

Calculation routines for QNR_STRUCT level and section level are delegated to methods CALCULATE_QNR_STRUCT resp. CALCULATE_SECTION. After retrieving all required data, method EXECUTE calls CALCULATE_QNR_STRUCT, which calls CALCULATE_SECTION, where the question and section scores are calculated and updated to BOPF. Results are returned to the calling method, which uses them to calculate the respective scores and update them to BOPF.

Furthermore, the response count is set on question, section and questionnaire level. On question level, it describes how many answers have been given to this question. On section level, it describes the maximum number of answers that have been given to the score-relevant questions in this section. On questionnaire level, it describes the maximum response count of the subordinate sections.

References to responses on node SRS_QUEUE are deleted in the end.




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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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