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/SRMSMC/CL_A_SQR_DISP_LANGU - Set a new display language

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Class /srmsmc/cl_a_sqr_disp_langu contains the business logic that has to be executed for BOPF CO /srmsmc/co_sqr, node ROOT, action SET_DISPLAY_LANGUAGE.

This action is used to set a new SQR language in the BO root node.

The method execute performs two tasks:

1) It changes the language on the ROOT node of /srmsmc/bo_sqr.

2) After changing the language, the method deletes the transient CO node SQR_TEXTS. The deletion is necessary because the data privacy statement has to be changed if the language changes. If SQR_TEXTS is requested again, the new data privacy statement is retrieved and filled into SQR_TEXTS.




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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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