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/SRMSMC/CL_DNB_API - API for interaction with the DNB Webservices

RFUMSV00 - Advance Return for Tax on Sales/Purchases   ABAP Short Reference  
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This class encapsulates the connection and persistence logic to the different D&B Webservices. It allows access to the D&B Services

,,- Lookup of Supplier Data

,,- Product Request

,,- Other GDP Products


a) For the connection to the webservices the logical ports for the proxies have to be provided. These have to be configured in the transaction SOAMANAGER. The logical port that should be actually used must be flagged as default logical port.

b) The necessary user and password for the connection to the D&B Webservice must be maintained in the /SRMSMC/D_DNB_CR table.

General Concept

There three two main types of methods provided by the class.

- Get_ returns a persisted value of the report if available.

- Request_ sends a new request to the D&B Webservices and adds or updates the persisted values.

- call_WS_ executes the actual Webservice Request and encapsulates the mapping of the generated proxy and its generated structures to the SLC structures.

Important Methods

- GET_DNB_REASON_CODES_DESC: Returns a list of reason codes and the corresponding description that are required if a report of a german company should be requested from the webservice.

- Get_LATEST_REPORT_DATES: Returns for the passed D&B Number the list of recent reports that are persisted. The list includes the uname of the person requesting the report, the date of the request, the product type and the duns number of the most recent report.

- GET_REPORt: Returns by default the persisted D&B report of the D&B Number passed to he method. If a new report should be retrieved from the webservice this can be triggered by setting the parameter "iv_update_report" to abap_true and (if the company is german also to pass the iv_reasoncode).

- GET_LOOKUP: Returns the lookup information of the D&B Webservice or sends a new lookup request. A new request is send if either

,,a) no persisted Lookup data is available

,,b) the persisted lookup data is older than 30 days

,,c) the parameter iv_update_lookup is set to abap_true.




Further information

ROGBILLS - Synchronize billing plans   TXBHW - Original Tax Base Amount in Local Currency  
This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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