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/SRMSMC/CL_UI_CLSSFCTN_HELPER - Helper Class for SLC Classification UI

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This class renders Web Dynpro user interfaces for Supplier Classification and for the validity criteria (= Area of Validity, AOV) used in several SAP SLC objects.

The constructor is called from method WDDOMODIFYVIEW of the Web Dynpro View using class /SRMSMC/CL_UI_CLSSFCTN_HELPER, since a reference to the view is required. Depending on whether the class is used for an AOV or for the classification data part of the UI, it is initialized either using method INITIALIZE_AOV or using method INITIALIZE_CLS.

In the AOV, only valuated attributes are displayed; attributes can also be added during the user session. For classification data, all attributes are rendered. If an unvaluated attribute is rendered, the valuation only exists within this class, not in BOPF. Once the attribute is valuated, the valuation is created in BOPF.

The FPM flush cycle triggers method HANDLE_FLUSH that checks whether any changes have to be passed to BOPF. HANDLE_PBO checks whether there are changes from BOPF and passes the actual values to the screen.


This class is used by Web Dynpro components /SRMSMC/WDC_AOV and /SRMSMC/WDC_SCS_DATA.



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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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