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/SRMSMC/CL_VC_SEP_MIN1_SPLR_EV - Check if no supplier is eval. by an apprs

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The class /SRMSMC/CL_VC_SEV_MIN1_SPLR_EV implements the validation CHECK_MIN1_SUPPLIER_EVALUATED of node ROOT (Business Object SEV - Supplier Evaluation Request). The validation is used to check if no supplier is selected to evaluation. In this case occurs the error message "Assign at least one supplier to at least one appraiser"


1. get appraiser party keys

2. get supplier party keys

3. get table with negatiative marks of assignment of appraiser to supplier (Database /SRMSMC/D_SEV_SA)

5. get number of appraisers in current root

6. get number of supliers in current root

6. get number of negatiative marks for current root

7. if the number of negotiative marks for current document is equal to the maximal possible number

( number of appraisers multiply by number of suppliers), then that means in the document no supplier is selected to evaluation => error




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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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