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This class determines the characteristics of switches (entries in table /XLSO/T77S0) for the BAdI Implementation /XLSO/IM_BADI_HRBAS00_T77S0.

There are two types of implementations:

  • Implementation via the DDIC reference
In this case, you implement the method GET_DDIC_REFERENCE. If there are a large number of possible values for this field, we recommend that you implement the method CHECK_VALUE; otherwise the DDIC value check is too slow.
  • Implementation by programming
In this case, you implement the methods MODIFY_SCREEN, CHECK_VALUE, and PROCESS_F4.

The system executes the time points/methods as follows:

  • When formatting the screen (PBO), the system first calls the method MODIFY_SCREEN for each line of the table. If the switch has not been processed (in other words, in no implementation is the REQUEST_PROCESSED = 'X' parameter set), the system calls the method GET_DDIC_REFERENCE. If the method returns a table field reference for the switch, the field's attributes are used to create the entry field.
  • During the entry check (PAI), the system first calls the method CHECK_VALUE for each line. If no implementation has processed the switch, the system performs the check based on the value table of the DDIC reference (GET_DDIC_REFERENCE). If this is not possible either, the system performs the directly implemented checks.
  • Input help (POV/F4) first calls the method PROCESS_F4. If this does not provide any input help for the switch, the system draws on the DDIC reference (GET_DDIC_REFERENCE) to generate an input help. If the method returns the name of a search help, the system displays it. Otherwise, the system displays the search help of the returned table field.




  • The first line of all methods (except GET_DDIC_REFERENCE) must be CHECK REQUEST_PROCESSED IS INITIAL.
  • If the method reacts to a switch, it must set the parameter REQUEST_PROCESSED to 'X'.
  • The method PROCESS_F1 is intended for future enhancements and you should not implement it.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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