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/AIN/CL_DEV_REGISTER_40 - Register Action Activity 4.0

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This activity class :

  • Creates Observed Actions for objects by action type
  • Updates Business Intelligence (SAP BI) for read rate and write rate.

The activity class has the following parameters with associated parameter values:

  • ACTION_OBJECT_STATUS: User defined action object status is used when creating the observations
  • BW_READ_RATE: Specifies Update Read Rate to SAP BI. If this parameter is set, then the read rate is calculated and sent to SAP BI.
  • HIERARCHY_SOURCE: Indicates the database source of the hierarchy (Object table or Document table). Possible values are:
  • CURRENT_STATE (default)


  • MATCH_ABSOLUTE: Processes the entire object hierarchy (only in-stock objects) if the number of IDs in the message + number of IDs previously processed, equals or exceeds the number of IDs specified by this parameter. Possible values are 1-n.
  • MATCH_PERCENTAGE: Processes the complete object hierarchy (only in-stock objects) if (number of IDs in the message + number of IDs previously processed) as a percentage of total objects in hierarchy,equals or exceeds the percentage of IDs specified by this parameter.
  • MATCH_CONTAINER: Processes the entire hierarchy (only in-stock objects) if the system finds a top object in the message. So if the top object of a hierarchy (for example, the pallet) is scanned, this activity automatically adds all the other objects of the same hierarchy (for example, cases and items within the cases) to the observed action.
  • MATCH_INNER_ITEMS: Processes the items within the observed ID. If this parameter is set, the system processes all IDs in the hierarchy (only in-stock objects) that reside under the IDs in the message.
  • OBSERVATION_CONSOLIDATION: Consolidates the actions based on the value of this parameter as follows:
  • ALWAYS : Always consolidates actions of the same ID + action type + device group

  • BY_LAST_ACTION : Consolidate actions with same action types if the two actions are in sequence

  • NEVER : Never consolidates the actions. Creates a new action for each message

  • OBSERVATION_BY_LOCATION: Uses location as an additional attribute to determine the action that can be used to record the current observation
  • REMOVE_PARENT: Makes the observed ID the top object
  • REMOVE_CHILDREN: Empties the content of the object
  • REPLACE_TOP_ID: Replaces the top object of the given hierarchy by the child object in the activity context
  • UNDO: Undo the last action for the ID


This activity works exclusively on the activity context table; it does not work on the data of the activity message directly. Therefore, an activity that populates the activity context (like DEVICE_VALIDATE_40)should be placed earlier in the rule than DEVICE_REGISTER_40.



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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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