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CL_ABAP_BROWSER - Display an HTML or XML File

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Displays a valid HTML or XML file. The file is displayed either in

  • a modal dialog box (default) or a modeless dialog box,
  • in the window of the current dynpro,
  • or in a GUI container of your choice.

Called using the static methods SHOW_HTML, SHOW_XML, or SHOW_URL

Only one browser can be opened at a time. If the methods are called in an open browser, the content is replaced. A browser can be closed using the method CLOSE_BROWSER.

The settings for the size and format of the dialog box can be selected from various options (small, medium, large, xlarge, portrait, landscape). A position can also be selected for the display in a modeless window. If specified, this information has no effect on the display in the window of the current dynpro or in a different GUI container.


The content of a HTML file displayed in the browser should be formally correct and checked for accessibility. The method SHOW_HTML checks whether the HTML file passed meets the formal criteria.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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