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CL_ABAP_TOOL - Tools class with ABAP like elements

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This class is to hold methods with functionality that is similar to ABAP functionality.

  • Method MOVE_COMPLEX:
This method moves complex types (structures and tables) between one another, if the components have the same name and type, recursively to the lowest level.
You can use this method if you have multiple complex types with great similarities (that differ only in the fields that are not necessary for processing).



  • Method MOVE_COMPLEX:
You have Create and Change eSOA services that differ only by the ID field. The ID field is created internally but must be transferred in the Change service. In this case, the two services can have a common internal structure for processing with all fields and you can move the interface structure to the common internal structure with this method. This enables you to use one code line for both services.


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PERFORM Short Reference   ABAP Short Reference  
This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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