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CL_ABAP_TRACE_TEXT - ABAP Runtime Analysis: Technical Texts

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Finds the description of a record from the performance data file.



In:  Id 'L', Subid 'R', Text 'CL_VERI_ATRA==================CP'
Out: Text 'Load Report CL_VERI_ATRA==================CP'

In:  Id 'm', Subid 'x', Class 'C1', Text 'M1'
Out: Text 'Call Method C1=>M1'

In:  Id 'm', Subid 'x', Class 'C1', Inst '3', With_inst 'X', Text 'M1'
Out: Text '3->M1'

In:  Id 'm', Subid 'x', Class 'C1', Inst '3', With_inst_and_class 'X', Text 'M1'
Out: Text '3<C1>->M1'


Parameter P_TEXT functions both as an input parameter and an output parameter. As an input parameter, it contains either a text that is provided by the kernel or a method name. Both of these have a maximum character length of 61. The length of the output text is set by the actual parameter P_TEXT.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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