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CL_BADI_CMM_MTM_ACC - Class for BAdI Implementation BADI_CMM_MTM_ACC

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This class can be used as an example implementation of the BAdI: Enhancements for MtM Accounting(BADI_CMM_MTM_ACC).



This class includes the following methods:

    With this method, a simple implementation is provided to map and to transfer additional fields from the mark-to-market structure to agency business document structures.
    This method is used to round the mark-to-market value.
    In this example, the function module ROUNDrounds up.
    With this method you can populate the selection criteria with new customer UI fields.
    As prerequisite, you have to perform the following steps:
  1. To enhance the UI, implement the new field P_NEWDT in the include ZCMM_MTM_ACC_S01.
  2. Enhance structure CMM_MTM_ACC_S_SEL_CRIT by an append structure with the new field NEW_DATE. The example implementation uses the new UI field P_NEWDT with data type DATS.
    This example implementation supports, beside others, the following functions:
  • In the standard situation without this BAdI implementation, a settlement request list (KOMZRLE) has more than one settlement request (KOMZRKE), whereas each request contains only one document item (KOMZRPE).
    Withthis BAdI implementation the system aggregates these settlement requests (KOMZRKE) into one single settlement request, containing all document items (KOMZRPE) now.

  • With this example implementation, and depending on a billing type, a selected G/L account can be assigned to a profit center.


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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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