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CL_BCFG_ENUM_COMMIT_MODE - enum of transaction mode

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This typesafe enumeration declares constants for the available commit modes. The commit mode controls whether and when database commits are initiated by the BC API. The possible choices depend on three factors:

  • Container type
  • Used customizing objects (mapping)
  • Location / RFC destination: RFC interactions imply database commits (on the ABAP platform)

The following commit modes are available (click for details):

  • AUTO_COMMIT: commits the database automatically (click for details)
  • USER_COMMIT: guarantees that no database commits are performed by the API.

Enumeration classes offer the following standard methods:

  • VALUE_OF: provides an enumeration value (object instance) given its string representation (ID)
  • GET_ID: returns the string representation (ID) of the enumeration value.




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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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