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CL_BCFG_ENUM_TRANSP_REQUEST - enum which describes whether a transport request is needed

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This type-safe enumeration declares constants for possible transport recording settings.

They imply whether a customizing request needs to be supplied to APPLY from the perspective of client-settings.

Note: These settings are overridden by the SOBJ configuration of the resp. customizing objects. Example: Even if the client-settings claim "Automatic recording of changes", a transport request will not be required if the SOBJ setting is "Manual Transport".



The APPLY method will treat supplied transport requests as follows:

SOBJ / T000 No transportManual Transp.Automatic transport
Changes w/o automatic recording IgnoredOptionalOptional
Automatic recording of changes IgnoredOptionalMandatory
No transports allowed IgnoredIgnoredIgnored


Further information

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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