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CL_BFW_WEBRESOURCE_POC - POC Browser Framework: Abstract Superclass Web Resource

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The class CL_BFW_WEBRESOURCE_POC facilitates the central administration of data objects from different sources in R/3 or mySAP ERP. In the following, these data objects are referred to as Web resources.

Web resources include:

  • HTML texts
  • MIME objects (images, videos, sounds, ...)
  • Documents (such as Word, PDF)
  • SAPscript texts
  • etc.

The Web resources can originate from different sources. At present, the following sources are supported:

  • WR,,,,Web Repository (maintenance transaction SMW0)

  • SSCRIPT,,SAPScript

  • BDS,,,,Business Document Service

  • DMS,,,,Document Management System

  • PIDOC,,PI documents

  • TEMP,,,,temporary storage (not persistent!)

  • EXT,,    External sources (e.g. HTTP). However, this source serves only as a placeholder for all URLs that do not point into the system. This ensures that all URLs can be processed irrespective of whether the data is also reachable.

Web resources are identified exclusively by URLs. External resources can have URLs in the usual format, such as "". To access Web resources in the R/3 or mySAP ERP database, however, the following naming convention must be used:


This means that all URLs that point to objects in an SAP system must start with SAPR3. This is followed by the source of the object, separated by a hyphen. The sources you can use at present are listed above (see abbreviated source names in bold). The source is followed by the name of the "file", again separated by a hyphen. The file name depends on the source.

You can use class methods to create new Web resources or read existing resources from the database, always passing on an URL. The system then returns a reference to the instantiated object. The object offers various methods for data manipulation.


The class cl_bfw_webresource_pocis actually an abstract superordinate class for concrete subclasses that implement the functionalities of the individual sources. The following subclasses are currently implemented:

  • cl_bfw_webresource_wr_poc

  • cl_bfw_webresource_sscript_poc

  • cl_bfw_webresource_bds_poc

  • cl_bfw_webresource_dms_poc

  • cl_bfw_webresource_pidoc_poc

  • cl_bfw_webresource_temp_poc

  • cl_bfw_webresource_ext_poc

Because the classes are created dynamically depending on the URL, any sources can be added through simple inheritance of further classes from cl_bfw_webresource_poc. In the process, the naming convention cl_bfw_webresource_<quelle>_pocmust be adhered to.

The dynamic instantiation is effected by the class cl_bfw_webresource_manager_poc(delegated by cl_bfw_webresource_poc).


data: o_webres type ref to cl_bfw_webresource_poc.

* Creation of a temporary Web resource
call method cl_bfw_webresource_poc=>create
     exporting  url  = 'SAPR3-TEMP-ABC.HTML'
     importing  o_webresource = o_webres.

* ...or loading of a persistent WebResource from the WebRepository:
call method cl_bfw_webresource_poc=>get
     exporting  url = 'SAPR3-WR-bild.jpg'
     importing  o_webresource = o_webres.

* Reading of data
call method o_webres->get_data
     importing data = ....


Further information

See also the documentation for the classes cl_bfw_webresource_wr_poc, cl_bfw_webresource_sscript_poc, cl_bfw_webresource_bds_poc, cl_bfw_webresource_dms_poc, cl_bfw_webresource_pidoc_poc, cl_bfw_webresource_temp_poc, cl_bfw_webresource_ext_poc

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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