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CL_CBO_SYS_ADMIN_DATA_DET - Determination which sets the Admin Data (with TSM Timestamp)

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This determination automatically updates the system administrative data attributes of node instances.




  • A prerequisite for the usage of this determination is the existence of an include for the system administrative data with the group name 'ADMIN_DATA' and the type structure according to (timestampl, sy-uname, timestampl, sy-uname) within the node's data structure. The naming of the components of that include doesn't matter but the sequence of the types within the included structure must be obeyed. The structure /BOBF/S_LIB_ADMIN_DATA_TSM is available.
  • The determination must be configured to the determination time 'BEFORE_SAVE (Finalize)'.
  • As soon as a subnode of the node, to which the determination is configured, is deleted, its parent node instance's admin data attributes can be updated. Thereto, maintain the subnodes as request nodes of the determination.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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