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CL_CDM_RAW_EXPORTER - Core Data Model exporter in RAW format

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The class CL_CDM_JSON_EXPORTER implements an actual export functionality, in this case JavaScript Object Notation (JSON), defined by interface IF_CDM_EXPORTER. In this way it specializes the common exporter base, provided by CL_CDM_EXPORTER_BASE with respect to the returned representation format.

Core Schema Notation (CSN) is a compact representation of compiled data models based on the wide-spread notions of Entity-Relationship Models.


The class CL_CDM_JSON_EXPORTER is utilized in the context of the class CL_CDM_FACTORY.


To render a CDS model as JSON representation, use

DATA(json) = cl_cdm_factory=>create_exporter( representation = cl_cdm_factory=>json entity_names = entities )->get_string( ).


Further information

For information on the Core Schema Notation, please refer to Core Schema Notation.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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