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CL_CHK_CI_2_CM_HANA_CLSTR - ORDER / BINARY SEARCH: Assumptions on order of db content

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This check examines database access in programs:

  • which makes assumptions on the order of database content
  • which accesses dormant cluster tables

Assumptions on Order

The SQL standard defines no implicit sequence for the result set of database queries on 'transparent' tables. Some DBMS have an implicit ordering by the primary key. Nevertheless ABAP programs must not rely on an implicit sort order to ensure platform independency.

ABAP programs need to use an explicit 'ORDER BY' clause or a 'SORT' statement in case a certain sequence is required by the program logic.


This examination follows the data flow over even across compilation units / programs. Multiple code locations / programs can contribute to an ill prone data flow. Each of this location can also contribute a cure to the flaw. And it is to mention that the finding is reported any program within the data flow by intention.

Access to Dormant Cluster Table

This kind of table exists for downward compatible syntax only. But database operations will no longer work out.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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