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CL_CLB2_CD_NOTIF_PUBLISHER - Notification Publisher for Change Documents

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Class representing a generic notification publisher based on change documents.
This class builds notification texts informing subscribed users about object changes and sends the notification to all active target platforms.


The class provides the public interface IF_CLB2_CD_NOTIF_PUBLISHER.

In addition to the public interface, there are several protected methods, most of them providing default logic. If this logic is not suitable for your scenario, you can inherit from class CL_CLB2_CD_NOTIF_PUBLISHERand redefine hte logic as required in your subordinate class.

Class CL_CLB2_CD_NOTIF_PUBLISHERalso makes use of the BAdIs CLB2_NOTIFY_AUTHand CLB2_NOTIFY_SRV. Therefore, you can also influence the run-time behavior by implementing one of these BAdIs.

Protected methods are the following:


Function CLB2_CD_NOTIFICATION_SENDis the default event handler that can be registered in transaction SWEC for any object type. It shows the call sequence when using the generic notification publisher.


If you redefine CL_CLB2_CD_NOTIF_PUBLISHERin a new sub-class, you must also copy and adapt function CLB2_CD_NOTIFICATION_SENDto address your new class.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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