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CL_CLB2_NOTIFICATION - Collboration: Notification

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This class represents a notification that can be distributed to any external service provider. The distribution takes place in the system provided. SAP Gateway is not involved other than to provide the subscriptions.

You can get an instance by calling method S_GET_INSTANCE; the method returns the public interface IF_CLB2_NOTIFICATION.

The instance is not a singleton; the class administers several instances, one for each language. Thus you have to pass parameter IV_LANGUAGEwhen calling S_GET_INSTANCE. For each instance, the notification attributes are stored in MS_NOTIFICATION_DATA. You can enter or retrieve this information using the interface methods.

After entering the notification attributes, you can send the notifications for each instance (interface method SEND), or all in one call (static interface method SEND_ALL).



You can use report RCLB2_DEMO_NOTIFY_GW(Function: Send without Gateway (Send Directly)) to test the class. This report can also serve as a programming example: You can check local class CL_MAIN, method DIRECT_SEND.

You can also check the unit tests for class CL_CLB2_NOTIFICATION.


Before they are sent, the notifications must be filled using the other methods of the interface, such as FILL_JSON_HEADER*, FILL_FROM_SUBSCRIPTION, SET_NOTIFICATION_DATA, SET_TEXT.

You can monitor the asynchronous execution in transaction SBGRFCMON.
It is also possible to trace the execution by activating the check-point CLB2_LOGin transaction SAAB. Afterwards you are able to check the processing flow in transaction SLG1 for object CLB2 (Collaboration (Add-On)) and sub-object GWN (Notifications).

Instances of the notification class are not deleted after sending; you can delete an instance explicitly by calling method S_DELETE_INSTANCE.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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