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CL_CMM_IDX_SERVICE_MAIN - Index: Main class for all index service classes

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This is the main service class for updating index entries. It provides general checks which can be used from all subclasses.

General Concept

For each business object that should be registered in the index, a service class is created. Each service class provides a PROCESS method, which is called in the posting process of the respective business object. All necessary data is passed to the method. Based on that data, an index entry is created, and for each consumer that is interested in the business object, a relevance check is processed. With the relevance information and the index entry, the MAINTAIN method of class CL_CMM_IDX_MAINTAIN is called.

General Checks

Based on the material number, the batch number, and the plant, the system decides whether the batch is final or not. In order to classify a batch as final, the system reads the characteristic (if_cmm_index_c=>gc_final_qlty_char_val). If the characteristic does not exist or the value of the characteristic is initial, then the batch is not final.

Relevance Checks

Almost all the subclasses have a method called CHECK_RELEVANCE. This method is called for each item in the respective business document. For each consumer, the system calls the consumer specific CHECK_RELEVANCE_* method, which returns the relevance indicator for this specific consumer.




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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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