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CL_CMS_LO_BW_APPL_EXTRACT - Extracting application data for update to BW

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The class has been created to handle the extraction and the mapping requirements of extraction of data to the OLAP system from an application developed on the OLTP system using the LO framework.

The class works on the principle of dynamic allocation of structure types to the parameters. The extract structures, the table types and the complex datatype required for the extraction process are generated when the application is generated depending on whether the BW Relevant flag was checked in the customizing while creating the application profiles.

The generation logic also creates the wrapper function modules which call the methods of this class to do the actual selection and mapping functions.

A BADI has been provided which allows the customer / user to put in his own post processing logic once the extracted data has been mapped to the flat extract structure.

The underlying logic used by the class is that the index is read first to get a set of GUIDs and then the exec structure of an application is read for those GUIDs to get the details required.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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