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CL_CNV_FRM_WORK_CONTROLLER - Work controller to process work packages

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The work controller is part of the work package concept. Within that concept it represents the object that has the process knowledge to execute work packages step by step.

It works close together with the work package handler that is an instance of the interface IF_CNV_FRM_WORK_PACK_HANDLER. The work package handler has the knowledge of its packages to process. For this reason a work package handler is required to initialize a work controller.

To process a work controller create an instance of that class and call method PROCESS.

The work controller works cyclicly. As long as the work package handler has work packages to process or to observe, as they are not final it continues with the next cycle.

Each cycle contains of the following steps:

- Reload work packages. The reload will just forwarded to the work package handler.

- Update reloaded work packages. The update will just forwarded to the work package handler. Updating means to refresh e.g. the work package state.

- Process work packages. That means to start further work packages under the premise, that there are further free processes.

After each cycle the process will be interrupted by calling WAIT to save CPU time. This time is provided by the work package handler. In case that a frequently refresh is required it can be reduced or set to 0.

If there are no further work packages to execute no new cycle will be started. Finally the method ON_FINAL of the work packages handler will be called. It can be used e.g. to unlock objects or finalize the process.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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